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 Melissa - Stylist / Manicurist Certified Organic Colorist    

Melissa is a Licensed Cosmetologist and Certified Organic Colorist. She is a creative, customer service-oriented stylist dedicated to providing guests with highly flattering professional hairstyles.  She has been a professional stylist for over 30 years, can do wonders with thin hair, and is masterful at barbering skills, as well.  She is a graduate of Empire Beauty School. 

Melissa is all about customer service and has a natural ability to LISTEN.  She understands what her customers want and has an ability to determine what her clients' hair can do and cannot do, and which hair products will be right according to their hair texture and profile. 


Organic Salon Systems, working with the beauty industry and educational professionals from around the world, has developed the Certified Organic Haircolorist (COH) program. COH certification courses are based on industry-identified core competencies in both general and organic areas of practice, theory, and techniques.

COH professionals are recognized worldwide for the dedication to the beauty, health, dignity, and well-being of all. They have demonstrated a heightened commitment to continuing education, environmental integrity, respect for wellness, and dedication to achieving both inner and outer beauty. The Certified Organic Colorist is the consumate professional who is more than a beautician or hairdresser, they are a trusted advisor that will guide you down the path for achieving the right style, color, look, and beauty while maintaining or restoring the integrity of your hair, health, and wellness.