Shears 2 You

Organic Salon



 30 minutes 


(for those on the go)

Surface cleansing, exfoliation, massage cream, toner, mask and hydrate

Basic Facial

60 minutes


Surface cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, toner, massage cream, mask, hydrate, and a nice relaxing massage of the shoulders, arms, hands while your mask is working it’s magic

 Deep Facial

  60 minutes


Deep Cleansing w/ultrasonic scrubber device (which cleans out impurities from pores, helps remove blackheads & exfoliates the skin) extractions, high frequency (used for germicidal effects after extractions to stimulate circulation oxygenate the skin & increase cell metabolism) soft facial massage, mask and hydrate

Facial w/Microdermabrasion 

 60 minutes 

$130 (add on for neck $10 chest $20)

Surface cleansing, diamond microdermabrasion, followed by vacuuming/suction removing particles along with any dirt and dead skin, massage cream, mask, hydrate, relaxing massage on shoulders, arms and hands during the time of mask 

This treatment is great for scars, blemishes, fine lines/wrinkles, sun damage and removing dead skin


30 minutes


Surface Cleansing, Diamond Microdermabrasion, toner and hydrate/SPF

Back Facial

60 minutes (skin treatment specifically for the back)


Deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam to soften skin, extractions if needed, massage cream w/light massage to release tension, detoxifying mask and hydrate

Basic Back Facial 

30 minutes 


Surface Cleansing, exfoliate, toner, massage cream, mask and hydrate

Dermaplaning w/Light Peel

60 minutes


Technique using a scalpel to gently exfoliate dead skin and fine facial hair to create a smoother appearance and allow your makeup to go on easy and look flawless. Following the dermaplaning w/peel allows products to penetrate deeper into the skin

Includes: Cleansing, dermaplaning, light peel, toner, collagen mask, vitamin c/hyaluronic acid facial serum, hydrate and SPF

Dermaplaning w/Basic Facial

40 minutes


Surface cleaning, dermaplaning, toner, collagen mask, vitamin c/hyaluronic acid facial serum, hydrate/SPF

Galvanic Facial

 60 minutes (reduces dullness makes skin glow)


Surface cleaning, skin analysis, exfoliation, massage cream, mask, relaxing massage on shoulder, arms and hands, galvanic, hydrate


 60 minutes


Anti-Aging Facial! “Firms Tightens Lifts” Using the Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber & Ultrasonic Waves

 This facial penetrates below the surface of the skin, warming the surrounding tissue, stimulates cell renewal, repair, increasing blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, combating puffiness/swelling

NOT recommended for people w/pacemaker, heart disease, cancer or other serious medical condition

Diamond Microdermabrasion Full Body Treatment

60 minutes

 $200 (include the face for an additional $30, Cleansing, microdermabrasion, tone, hydrate additional 15 min)

Diamond Microdermabrasion on the chest, back, stomach, arms and legs followed w/hot towels and moisturizer 

This treatment is great for scars, stretch marks, dark spots and during the cold weather months when your skin is dry. 

For microdermabrasion or dermaplaning 

Do not use Retin-A/exfoliating creams 72 hours before treatment

Avoid sun tanning, spray tans or tanning creams for atleast one week before

FACIAL ADD-ONS $15 (Great way to enhance any facial service)

High Frequency

UltraSonic Waves