Shears 2 You

Organic Salon & Beauty Bar


Our mission is to offer healthy, natural and organic choices for your hair and body.  Your skin is the largest organ of your body. What you put on your hair and body is as important as what you put into your body.  Your skin not only absorbs  chemicals and pollutants in the environment but from body care and cleaning products, as well.  Our goal is to offer new ways to incorporate healthier choices into daily lives.  Shears 2 You uses products that work the same as any other salon but are much safer for you and the environment.  You’ll notice the difference as soon as you walk through the door.

Ammonia is used in ordinary hair color products to open and soften the hair cuticle so that the color is absorbed.  This process damages your hair and results in losing natural proteins and moisture.  Eliminating the need for ammonia in organic hair color maintains the natural integrity of your hair and thus it becomes healthier.  Plus, not having to breath ammonia makes the whole salon experience a pleasant one.

At Shears 2 You we use Organic Colour Systems products which are ammonia and paraben freeMost hair color products use harsh chemicals like ammonia that damage hair in the coloring process, stripping hair’s natural health and shine. Organic Colour Systems is different. It's kinder to hair and it shows.

By using more certified organic ingredients and fewer chemicals than anyone else, they've created an effective way to color hair as naturally as possible with Outstanding Results. Hair responds better to natural ingredients. Organic Colour Systems is gentler on hair and locks in color, moisture and goodness to every strand, so hair looks naturally healthier and glossier with radiant color.

 Join the Organic RevolutionYou'll never look back.